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The main sections of this site are:

Our terragenesis section contains documents about this site, the software it runs on, requirements, syntax, etc.

Our projects section is an archive of project articles.

Our reviews section contains product reviews.

Our wiki section is where you will find articles on how to do things, how various tools and materials can be used, can be used, etc.


Welcome to the TerraGenesis Archives

TerraGenesis can trace it's origins back to 1997 when Gary James set it up to document his wargaming terrain endeavours. A forum was added and other people offered work for Gary to add to the archives.

Andy Slater took over in 2006 and in subsequent years Andy coded a number of mechanism to help forum users add to the archives… however this never really took off and in 2014 Andy made the decision to split the site in order to allow the forum to concentrate on being a forum, and the archive site to concentrate on being an archive.

This is the archive site… and is currently under construction.

TerraGenesis has a new forum at under the administration of Melly.Monkey.

The old site is still active at and will remain so until the new forum, and this new archive, are fully operational.

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